Taking to the Pacific on kayaks

L and D kayaking at Los Ayala - 1.jpgNeither L nor D remember kayaking being mentioned as an option when they were last at Playa Escondida two years ago. Granted, there are two kayaks down on the beach but given the conditions of the surf, they’ve never seen anyone take them out. Not have they wanted to venture out on those big breaking waves.

L found out the Mexitreks offered a kayaking trip about 45 minutes north of Sayulita, launching at the small town of Los Ayala. So they signed up. They got a message from their guide last night saying the waves were such that it might not be possible. But it had calmed down by this morning.

They were joined on their adventure by a couple from Oregon, Cindy and Bob, who were also staying at Playa Escondida for the second time. They proved good paddling companions.

Nate was their able guide, steering them through the unpredictable currents and shifting wave patterns. They paused at a seclude beach, where the obligatory photo was taken.

It was a good way to spend most of the day and see more of this part of Mexico…

Paddle/3 miles/easy to moderate; walk around Sayulia/1 mile/easy

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