Walking up the hill to check out Haramara Retreat

l's favorite rocks - 1

The Adventurers awoke to cloudy skies and some sprinkles, and with nothing on the schedule did not hurry to breakfast. Aha, what they were supposed to be doing all week, relaxing.

top of hara mara near pool - 1Wanting something simple and not time consuming, they decided to walk up the hill to the Haramara Retreat, where one of L’s Pilates buddies has gone annually for years. It also happened to be next-door to Playa Escondida’s somewhat remote Bird Canyon casitas where new friends Cyndi and Bob were happily staying.

They were warmly welcomed by the owner Sajeela and shown into the very pretty dining room constructed out of hardwood. The views look out to the ocean and the sounds of birds are more abundant than at the lower portions of Playa Escondida (which is all ocean noise).

The three-course lunch (although the passed on dessert) was excellent albeit very expensive for the area. After lunch they were taken on a tour of the 12-acre property by [blanking on name]. About half way down they parted and the Adventurers continued down to the beach where they lounged about for awhile.

Playa Escondida was just over a group of massive boulders, that they both remembered from walking into town along the sea two years ago. (L was not a boulder fan.) It wasn’t too bad scrambling over just one set.

Alas, the last night at this very pretty part of the world…

Hike/moderate/1.75 miles

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