Sparkling winter day on the coast with stop at Bean Hollow

bean hollow - 1

The Adventurers had two tasks to complete today: Go coast side to visit Pebble Beach and nearby Bean Hollow State Park – and be home by 1:00 so that they’d again have heat. (Yes, it’s been out since they returned from Mexico.)

D loves the long, scenic route, so they headed up to Skyline on 84 and continued over the hill, taking the left turn to Pescadero Rd. Lots of twists and sharp turns but the scenery is magnificent – both redwoods and more open oak woodland.

They’d planned to get soup and pie at Duarte’s in Pescadero, but it’s closed on Tuesdays. (L thought it never closed!). Back on the road D took another scenic route that came out just south of Bean Hollow State Park. They drove another couple miles north until they got the the Pebble Beach section of Bean Hollow.

It was from there they did there out and back hike on a bluff top trail with great views of the pounding surf below. A good stiff breeze made the for crystal clear skies.

Oh, did we mention how much The Mag loved it…

Hike/easy/2.10 miles

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