City adventure finds some highs and [sort of] lows


The Adventurers headed to the City today with the main purpose of visiting the Museum of Ice Cream, which they had heard a lot about – and purchased tickets months in advance.

swingingaticecreammuseum-1They got lucky as the overnight rain had stopped before they headed out, after walking The Mag around the block as she was a non-starter for this adventure.

Hitting the City just before the busy lunch hour, they were able to be seated at the still beautiful rotunda restaurant at Neiman Marcus. L wondered why they had been “let in” given they were in their walking clothes, not stylish clothes. It may be pricey but it also one of the loveliest places to have lunch in the whole City

Because they had a lot of time before their Ice Cream reservation, they got a bit of work out by heading up to Nob Hill (non-trivial walk up from Union Square). There they visited Grace Cathedral  and the doves overhead, as well as a memorial for victims of gun  violence which features this month the sister of L’s friend Laura.

It was easy walking back down the hill on California St. to Grant Avenue where the Ice Cream Museum is located.

Truth be told, it was not as clever as they expected. And even D said: “The doves were better.” But they did get a little swing time

But they did get a good workout walking  up the hill…

Walk/mostly easy with three steep blocks/4.2 miles

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1 Response to City adventure finds some highs and [sort of] lows

  1. Ginger Terry says:

    Well be staying in SF March 3-8 downtown near AT and T Park. Will give yiu more info later, but we should try to have dinner there one night!

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