Being wowed at a movie theater – really

D at new movie theater - 1

The headline is actually an understatement. All the Adventurers intended to do was see the Green Book which they’d been meaning to catch for some time. In searching times, L happened to stumble on a newish (October, she learned) theater complex in the San Antonio Shopping Center all the Showcase Icon. The time was better than at their usual Redwood City destination, so she bought tickets.

Just walking in was a wow, felt more like they were attending the Academy Awards than catching a movie matinee (ok, that’s a bit of an exaggeration). The multi-auditorium theater offers leather recliner chairs, digital menus and a full bar and lounge (D is pictured in the bar, a bit sleepy in the mid-afternoon).

Showcase Icon is a Midwestern family business (the Kerasotes) spanning three generations, starting in 1909. The opening press release touted their three top-of-the-line auditoriums equipped with RealD 3D projection, “Icon-X premium large format” screens and Dolby Atmos speakers. Those auditoriums include a second floor “VIP” area connected to a 21-and-over bar and lounge.

Tickets were a bargain $7 and there’s a special $6 deal on Tuesdays!

They weren’t able to take in all of the amenities as just a portion of the theater that was screening Green Book was open. They did enjoy their heated, reclining leather seats. And D stayed awake for the whole movie. It was that good…

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