Chilly, windy walk along the golf course and creek among the marsh

speed lines at new levee - 1

on the boardwalk - 1The Adventurers did something today that they’d been unable to do for well over a year: walk the loop that starts adjacent to the Baylands golf course and takes you creekside through marshland, passing by the Palo Alto airport,

A large section of this trail had been closed while work was done to “fix” San Francisquito Creek where it flows into the Bay to prevent future flooding. The channel is now super wide (as the top photo sort of shows).

The wind was blowing and the temperature was in the high 40s – a bit brisk – but The Mag loved it and they made their way at a steady clip. A bit over two miles in the walked a long boardwalk that had been constructed over the marshland. This gave The Mag an up close view of what was going on below as her head fit between the slats.

They’ll return in warmer weather for a paddle…

Walk/easy/3.5 miles

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