Brisk morning hike along Sawyer Camp Trail and the Crystal Spring Reservoir

Sawyer Camp Trail_Crystal Springs reservoir - 1

A Maggie-at-the-groomer morning allowed the Adventurers to explore one of the most popular hiking trails on the Peninsula, albeit one that doesn’t allow dogs.

They started out around 8:30 am, and to say it was brisk is an understatement. But they moved along and for the first mile or so noticed that the adjacent Crystal Spring Reservoir was absolutely still, not a ripple to be seen. Forty-five minutes or so the wind picked up, as it usually does in the area.

D with mileage marker - 1Here’s a bit of the history of the trail, courtesy of the San Mateo County Parks website:

Leander Sawyer bought the land and became active in this area in 1853. He probably lived in a small adobe built near a natural spring in the hill – long gone.

The Sawyer Camp Trail was hiss access to his camp where old timers say he kept an inn to dispense food to picnickers, and to serve as lodging for horsemen traveling through the area. Later, the trail was used by the stagecoach from Millbrae, which connected with the San Mateo Stageline to Half Moon Bay (Spanish Town). During the 1850’s and 60’s, Sawyer grazed cattle in the area to keep down the brush and make a better area for incoming wagons.

When the city of San Francisco took over the watershed lands, narrow, winding Sawyer Camp Trail was then a county road. The Water Department fenced it for the protection of San Francisco’s drinking water. In 1978, the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors designated the road a non-vehicular recreation trail and paved it for bicycles with funds provided by the State Department of Parks and Recreation.

They also got to explore the new vehicular/bike/pedestrian bridge just north of the entrance to Sawyer Camp Trail. It’s quite spectacular and provides fabulous views.

All in all a good morning (that Maggie would have loved)…

Hike/easy/6.2 miles

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