Birthday celebration continues with day at California Adventure

fast car ride_hori - 1

While their twins and their parents were up at the crack of dawn (well actually predawn) to gain early entry to California Adventure, the Adventurers took a little more leisurely approach, catching up with the around 9:00.

The big planned event was to see the 3:00 pm Frozen show – live with actors. But they got to visit an interactive turtle named Crush – he was animated but responded live to the audience, very cool and take a very fast ride on racing Roadsters in Car Land. Their car won!

Twins with Olaf desserts_hori - 1

The Adventurers had promised the twins a birthday shopping trip and Lily had long figured out what you wanted, a very feminine pair of of mouse ears. Kai picked out a stuffed character from Star Wars (we think).

ballon at Tortilla Joes - 1Lunch was at a very fancy (and expensive) restaurant called Cathay Circle. Lots of fun nostalgia for those who remembered actors who were contemporaries of Walt Disney. And the twins got a birthday dessert that looked like Olaf, a character in Frozen.

The purpose of the lunch was to gain priority entry to the Frozen show; they did land in the center section, row four. L continues to have a bit of princess aversion but the twins thought the show was great.

Along with Matt’s parents, they all ate dinner at Tortilla Joes in Downtown Disney. The twins loved it when the ballon man came by.

And tomorrow is the real event, turning 5 on Pi Day….

Walk/easy but long!/7.5 miles

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