Spring in all its glory at Garin Regional Park

D and Mag on the hillside - 1

D and Mag on mini bridge - 1The Adventurers had a bit of unusual Thursday given that D didn’t have to marshal and L didn’t have Pilates or other commitments, so they headed across the Bay with The Mag to Garin Regional Park for a first time visit.

And how glorious it was! The greenest green ever. The creek named Dry Creek was anything but. It was running over its banks in places with rebel tributaries to racing down hillsides to join it. Needless to say, The Mag was in her glory with all the water.

While they weren’t able to get to the adjoining Park due to a washed out bridge and the Creek too high, they did enjoy a loop trail that took them both high and low. A series of the skinniest bridges seen allowed them to cross the water. (D said evidently fat people aren’t allowed at this park.)

D and Mag by the lake - 1

They passed Jordan Pond and all its ducks, and managed to avoid the pasturing cattle, allowing The Mag to run free. She was smiling. And seemingly fully recovered from her surgery.

All in all a really good outing on spring day. And they’ll be back to this park again when the mud dries up…

D and Mag by mini waterfall - 1

Hike/easy except for navigating the mud/3 miles

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