Different kind of Saturday by the Bay

Dogpatch diner - 1

The Adventurers and The Mag walked up to El Cerrito for breakfast this morning and while there decided to drive up to the City to further investigate the clever bunk beds they’d seen earlier this year.

The idea is to remake the spare bedroom into a totally kid friendly space. After the wall-mounted beds are in they’ll add other elements like bean bag chairs and a work table.

Upon arrival at Resource Furniture, they learned the beds take four to five months but there was one in stock with a slightly nicer finishing (natch at slightly more money). But what the heck, it’s only money and it time to make this house project a reality – or leave it behind.

The concluded around lunch time and L texted her photographer friend Scott K about good places to eat in his Dogpatch neighborhood as they were close by. He recommend Just In Time – and it was indeed delicious. Eclectic decor as the photo top shows.

Now to get rid of all that antique furniture in the room currently…

Walk (combined)/easy/2.75 miles

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