Fun day at the Academy of Sciences with the kiddos

Grace and James on roof of Academy of Sciene - 1

There’s a lot of history embedded at the Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, probably more so with L than D. That’s because many Reid relatives lived very close to the Park and L spent lots of time there as a child.

Grace and James in front of T Rex - 1How many times she took son John there is a blur, but she does remember distinctly celebrating Grace’s first birthday there. And a couple of years ago (not sure when), the Adventurers took Grace and James there.

So they headed over to Moraga today to pick up the kiddos with tickets in hand to visit the Academy today, which had a special Dino Days exhibit, realizing that at 11 and 7 they were a bit beyond optimum dinosaur fandom. (Aside: Many of the stroller patrol was on the way too young side).

James tried to be “too cool” when encountering the very real looking dinosaurs, but he spent lots of time encountering the T Rex. Was he saving his sister Grace or about to hurl her over the fence.

The great thing about the Academy for kids their age is the great number of exhibits for them to take in. We say lots of butterflies in the rainforest (Grace’s favorite) and an often overlooked fog channel, which James proclaimed his favorite (who da thunk?).

They ended their Academy adventure on the roof with its mounds of grass. OK, the kiddos had had it with the photo op…

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