Hiking a favorite Woodside loop on blustery spring day

D and Mag on trail near Chops house - 1

At the back of her mind this morning, L thought they could kill two birds with one stone by going out to Woodside to do the loop that includes Green Gables Trail and lo and behold that was what D coincidentally selected.

On Thursday that D marshals at the Stanford Golf Course, there is always a bit of a time constraint, so this just over 3 1/2 mile loop that includes just a few, very moderate uphill climbs is perfect.

Given that L is going to write a story for Punch magazine on “hiking with history,” this was a good adventure as it follows along side Green Gables, the 74-acre estate that remains in the Fleishhacker family, although is on the market where it’s likely to go for over $100 million.

While trails on the estate itself are open only to members of the Woodside Trail Club and are given keys to open locked gates, there are a number of trails over or adjacent to other estates with discreet “Trail” signs to point them out.

While it was cool and blustery, what was nice was that the mud had largely dried up.

All in all a nice way to spend a spring morning…

Hike/easy/3.7 miles


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