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Discovering a new trail that’s pretty even with smokey skies

The Adventurers and the Mag set out this morning for a short but pretty hike on a new-to-them trail in Thornewood Open Space Preserve, one that makes a lot more sense to them. Instead of starting off of Hwy. 84 … Continue reading

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Seeing San Francisco through clouds of smoke

The Adventurers had planned to go to San Francisco today on a number of home-related errands, well in advance of the devastating fires in Butte County that is causing the Bay Area to be shrouded in smoke. They left Maggie … Continue reading

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Enjoying our first Golden State Warriors game at Oracle

The Adventurers are big Golden State Warriors fans and have a tradition of watching the post season triumphs (and one disappointment) with their neighbor Kay on TV. But tonight they attended their first game in person. A neighbor has put … Continue reading

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And Gracie turns 11 – how can that be?

Wasn’t it just yesterday that Chris and I got the call that Grace was about to be delivered? Alas, it really was 11 years ago today. So, it was back to Moraga to celebrate with Grace and parents and Pop … Continue reading

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Halloween tradition with the kiddos continues

L has been celebrating Halloween with the kiddos since Grace was one year old. Early on there was a party at the Pumpkin Patch Preschool and trick or treating in her Menlo Park neighborhood. Next chapter included celebrations at Grace’s … Continue reading

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A bit of Christmas on an otherwise gorgeous Fall walk

The Adventurers decided to walk to Tootsies for breakfast this morning, and needed to bundle up to do it. It was a nippy fall morning. After a delicious breakfast, they decided to add to their mileage by going all the … Continue reading

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Exploring a new stretch of the coastal trail with UCLA chum Ginger

While D enjoyed his art class, L and the Mag went coast side where they picked up friend from UCLA days, Ginger, for a walk along the coast. Ginger’s hotel was south of where the Adventurers usually take off, and … Continue reading

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