There’s snow on them thar hills!

Mt Hamilton with snow - 1

Mt Diablo with snow - 1The Adventurers knew that a brief and surprising rain storm blew through Menlo Park last night about 10:00. And they knew that it was chilly out.

What they didn’t know until they got out to Arastradero Open Space this morning and looked East was that two locals peaks got a good dusting, both Mt. Hamilton (top) and Mt. Diablo (right).

To take full advantage of the clear skies and good views, they did two loops, one of the area that is on the east side of Arastradero Rd, which they seldom do and the other on the west side, today picking trails that they’re on less frequently.

A good morning hike enjoyed by all, especially The Mag…

Hike/moderate/4.75 miles

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A moment of wispy nostalgia for a long gone Mustang

D and the Mag '65 mustang - 1

Doing their usual breakfast walk to Cafe Borrone and the farmers market, the Adventurers happened upon a 1965 Mustang just like the one D used to own, (well except for the red interior). They waited around hoping to meet the owner but he/she never showed up…

Walk/easy/4.5 miles

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Home on the range Stanford style

Home on the range - 1

D was marshaling at the Stanford Golf course this morning, so after taking Maggie around the long block, L headed out to climb the back side of the Dish. It’s always so good to mingle the cattle in the spring…

Hike/easy/3 miles

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Bundle up and hike Windy Hill is the call of the day

Mag and D looking out from Windy trail - 1

Friday, Feb. 23: OK, L is not a climate change expert, but she does remember a lot more frosty days when  she first moved back to Menlo Park in 1990. That meant chilly hikes, then mostly on the weekends due to work obligations.

Of course, the Adventurers have no such obligations (well, much reduced, to be accurate) so they have to rally themselves to hit the trails when the temperature is still in the high 40s mid-morning. That, of course, is balmy to some of their Midwest and East Coast friends.

Today, the decided to tackle Windy Hill, but not in the way they usually do it, which is a loop hike that’s about eight miles and beats them up pretty badly due to both distance and elevation gained.

Instead they went up and back on the Spring Hill trail. That gave them lots of uphill work. Of course, The Mag is a gamer and gets lots of attention from the hikers who have much bigger dogs. And, we must mention, it was another spectacularly clear day…

Hike/moderate/5 miles

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Return to long-time favorite on Portola Ranch trails

D and The Mag at Los Trancos loop - 1

Tuesday, Feb. 20: L, in particular, has hiked what she calls the “Los Trancos/Portola loop,” hundreds of times. It’s the go to hike when looking for a good workout over a short amount of time.

Today, the Adventurers and Maggie did it on a spectacularly clear – and very brisk – day with views crystal clear looking east over the Bay.

The treat for The Mag was some off leash time as long as she stayed close. There are, after all, coyotes in the area, although less so in the late morning…

Hike/moderate due to some steep ups not distance/3.5 miles

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Here’s a surprise – a brand new hike at Quarry Park

D and The Mag at Quarry Park - 1

Saturday, Feb. 17: On what was forecast to be a sunny and warm winter day, the Adventurers headed coastside for a hike “on the other side of the highway.”

That means they were east of Highway One, rather than one of the pathways they enjoy that’s bluff top above the Pacific Ocean.

Their destination was Quarry Park, which some consider a locals’ secret, although it can be found in various guidebooks.

Most of the uphill two miles is through a eucalyptus forest on a broad trail that was undoubtedly a ranch road at some time. Indeed the Park had been broadened in acreage with a local family donated their land through POST.

It was a good climb, one that got their attention enough to know they were getting a work out but didn’t tear them up completely.

Once on top they’d swung around enough for great views out over the Pacific. They’ll be back (and this time head down the Dolphine Trail)…

Hike/moderate/4.2 miles

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A “wow” hike along the Bay followed by one great “dog”

D and the Mag at Coyote Hills_Feb2018 - 1

The Adventurers headed across the Bay this morning for a hike around the perimeter of Coyote Hills Regional Park, which they’ve enjoyed in the past. And did so very much again today.

There’s always something to look at – colors of the Bay, birds, abandoned equipment of one kind or another. And given that it was a Friday, not too many people.

After they journey a bit south to have lunch at the Dog Haus, which they’d discovered a year of so ago. It just may the best hot dogs and sausages in the world – or would at least give the brats of the Midwest a good run for the money.

Of course, the Mag had to poise next to a Year of the Dog poster…

Hike/easy/4.10 miles

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