Two more from fun night at Zoo lights

Son-in-law Matt sent two more photos. The Adventurers being ultimate shadowy and the group posing together. A fun night…











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Capping off a SoCal visit with evening at Zoo Lights

The Adventurers ended their Pasadena sojourn by accompanying Nikki, Matt and Tiki Twins Kai and Lily to Zoo Lights at the Los Angeles Zoo.

They first stopped for dinner at the Pub at Golden Road, a huge restaurant connected to the brewery next door. It’s an incredible space with good food, although the music was loud beyond belief. (Even the younger set agreed.)

Then it was on to the Zoo. What they encountered was massive crowd and a long line to get in. Hats off to the Tiki Twins who were pretty good  as the crept along for 30 minutes until gaining entry.

The lights were good to great, just enough really fun and amazing displays to offset the wall to wall people. Just maybe they’d never seen such a packed place…

Hilly walk/easy/2.5 miles

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A walk through Prospect historical district post turkey day

When D googled various walking routes near the Rose Bowl, Prospect Blvd. popped up as one with fewer cars. So that’s where they headed this morning.

Neither had either been on what they found out was a historic district. Here’s the lowdown courtesy of Wikipedia and photos of two of the many interesting homes. Alas, we couldn’t identify the Millard or Bentz Houses, although did spot a number of Greene and Greene.

“Prospect Historic District consists of homes along Prospect Boulevard and several surrounding streets. The district includes 108 residences and roughly encompasses the Prospect Park and Arroyo Park Tracts, a pair of early Pasadena subdivisions.

“Development on the Prospect Park Tract began in 1904, and the first house was built there in 1906. The Arroyo Park Tract was first surveyed in 1910, and its development soon followed; the two tracts were linked by the Prospect Boulevard Bridge, which was built in 1908.

“The houses in the district represent a wide variety of architectural styles and include works by several prominent architects, such as Frank Lloyd Wright’s Millard House, Charles and Henry Greene’s Bentz House, and a 1909 mansion designed by Alfred and Arthur Heineman. The varied architecture of the district’s homes is united by its landscaping, particularly through the camphor trees which line its streets.”

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Family gathers for Thanksgiving on a hot but clear Pasadena day

All of D’s daughters and their families gathered at eldest daughter Nikki’s home for Thanksgiving, the first time the girls had been together for five years.

It was so warm that they ate outside on the deck that overlooks the Arroyo with the gorgeous San Gabriel mountains in the background.

The little ones were good as were the three dogs in attendance. Just a lovely evening…

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Icons of Pasadena walk on a hot Thanksgiving morning

When the Adventurers got to Pasadena yesterday (after a delightful coastside walk in Santa Barbara where no photos were taken), it was in the mid-to-high 90s. Just yuck and relatively unheard, at least L remembers no such temps in the 20 years she lived there.

So the resolve today was to get up and out relatively early if they were going to get any kind of a walk in before the heat of the day. They headed in the direction of the Arroyo Seco, stopping the at the top with the two iconic Pasadena bridges in the background before walking down on one of the neighborhood-maintained trails.

Once down they walked in back of the Kidspace Children’s Museum where there was a whole lot of innovative structures to interact with like nothing they’d seen before. Seemed most suitable for school-age rather than little kids.

They then made their way up another path that took them to Rosemont and eventually past the Gamble House.

On their home stretch the encountered a bit of a tussle between a homeless man who came shouting after them and two squad cars of Pasadena’s finest. The transient headed down the hill and the police came up empty.

Oh to be in the Southland agains with all of its adventures…

Hike/easy/3 miles

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Spectacular clear Fall day in Santa Barbara

Two years ago the Adventurers were in Santa Barbara overnight on their way to a Thanksgiving dinner in Pasadena and they almost froze to death. It was so windy and chilly that the local restaurant they went to because the patio was dog friendly invited the Mag Dog to sneak inside.

What a difference two years makes. Today was a crystal clear, beautiful day to be walking the pedestrian path adjacent to the beach in Santa Barbara. Even in the late afternoon, it was in the 80s.

The Mag was in full Maggie mode, sniffing everything and greeting every dog she encountered.

Early on they stopped in front of the historical train station which was gleaming gold, much more than the photo shows.

They then headed to the shore and walked a couple of miles…

Walk/easy/2.25 miles

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Taking the kiddos to see the musical Peter Pan

When L heard that the Palo Alto Players were putting on Peter Pan and that her friend Connie’s niece was playing Peter, it was a no brainer to figure out a why to take Grace and James to what is one of her all time favorite musical.

Along with D she’d seen it first on TV numerous times with Mary Martin in the 1960 production. She’d then taken John to see it when he was a lad, with Sandy Duncan playing the title role.

The performance was a special children’s matinee and there were pre-viewing activities, which included make hats and magic wands. The kiddos modeled theirs in front of a window leading to Neverland.

Corrie Farbstein is a fabulous Peter and the rest of the cast was excellent as well, particularly Captain Hook. Given the level of acting, singing, dancing and sets it was hard to believe that it was community theater production.

Willbe watching what this theater company will be putting on in the future…

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