Flying home of the future of commercial aviation – the 787 Dreamliner

The Adventurers flew from Paris to SFO on one of the newest planes in the air, the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. United’s version has three cabins, a BusinessFirst, Economy Plus and Economy, holding about 280 passengers.

The aircraft is not only particularly full efficient but features better air circulation and dimming windows all to make the passenger experience better.

It was nice but the Adventurers didn’t feel “much more refreshed upon landing,” as the marketing promises…

Airport walking/easy/2 miles

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An overnight in Paris at quirky Citizen M hotel

The Adventurers were had a choice of a 6:00 am or 3:00 pm hotel out of Dubrovnik this morning and chose to take the latter flight, which gave them time to walk the wall and take it the last sights.

They overnighted in Paris at a hotel near CDG, but not any hotel, the quickly chain Citizen M. Just about everything about if is different and fun from all the stuff in the lobby (you could stay downstairs for hours) the its compact rooms that have a feeling a ship’s stateroom (although a decent size stateroom but most ship’s standards.

It fill the bill to a T….

Airport walking/2 miles/easy

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The ultimate Dubrovnik experience: walking the wall

Of course, the Adventurers had to walk the wall. At dinner last night, they meet a couple from Scotland and she said she’d been afraid at a number of places along the way. That gave L pause for thought as did looking at the wall from their hotel terrace where it appeared to have no handrails for stretches. (L is not so much fearful of heights as she is narrow passages with step drop offs and no railings.)

Anyway, just like swimming in the Adriatic, they were not going to leave Dubrovnik without taking in this major tourist attraction. Their strategy proved smart: They set of on their journey of 700 steps soon after the wall opened at 8:00 am. This meant not only cooler temperatures (the wall is completely exposed) but far fewer crowds as the buses from the cruises and other tour groups had yet to arrive.

And other than the steps – the Adventurers are really stepped out – walking the wall was no big thing from a fear perspective and they got to see high views of what they’d seen from the sea yesterday.

The walls have been there in some form since  the 7th century and with  numerous additions and modifications throughout their history, they have been considered to be amongst the great fortification systems of the Middle Ages, as they’ve never been breached by a hostile army.

The walls run an uninterrupted course of approximately 6,360 ft in length, encircling most of the old city, and reach a maximum height of about 82 ft. The bulk of the existing walls and fortifications were constructed during the 14th and 15th centuries, but were continually extended and strengthened up until the 17th century.

It was all in all a great way to wrap up their Croatian vacation…

Hike (due to up and down steps)/wall itself about 1 1/2 mile/moderate cuz of all those steps! 


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Afternoon spent on and in the Adriatic Sea

Thanks to what L thinks is the best concierge she’s ever encountered at any hotel in the world, the Adventurers went out for a private kayak trip in the Adriatic this afternoon with guide Nota, a terrific young man who hopes to make it big some day with his rock and roll band (Allman Brothers are influencers).

There was some current and chop, but nothing really difficult in their long, sturdy, sit-on-top boat. They paddled along old town Dubrovnik before heading out to sea a bit to Lokrum island where they took a dip in the water. (L was not exactly dressed for it but D said she had to get in the water; she was glad she did.)

Next stop was a cave and a paddle in front of string of hotels on the south side of Dubrovnik. One tony establishment with only six rooms goes for $10,000 a room a night. Nato said it was mainly a celebrity hideaway.

There day ended with dinner at Above 5, a restaurant recommended by Vedran the concierge. It took some effort to get there, up 5 flight of stairs but the payoff in view and food was well worth it.

All in all the perfect way to spend their last full day in Croatia…

Kayak/easy/2 miles
Walk/easy/1 mile

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Morning spent learning about Dubrovnik

What better start to a morning than sitting outside for breakfast of the Hilton Imperial Palace (a very nice hotel) and looking at the light catching Fort Lovrijenac in Dubrovnik. The Adventurers would learn a lot about Dubrovnik’s history today. They knew it was a UNESCO World Heritage site and that it was an incredibly popular tourist destination.

But they didn’t know that it contained dozen of churches nor that it reached a high level of development in the 15th and 15  century. Nor did they know that it was bombed heavily in 1991 by Serb and Montenegrin soldiers, and that that war lingered through 1995 in one form or another.

They learned about this and more from Timeo, their knowledgeable Ryder Walker guide, who grew up in Dubrovnik and whose family was relocated during the war in the 90s.

For the detailed oriented, there is lots to see in the old city. Good photographer would have involved take close up detailed shots. Or engaging in street photography. Alas, L didn’t get anything that captured her attention in either category…

Walk/easy/2 miles

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A day of island hopping and then back to the mainland and on to Dubrovnik

The Adventurers vowed today to follow the Ryder Walker suggested hike to the T, so they got an early start, wanting to catch the 9:00 boat from the dock on Mjlet in order to go to destination number 1, the island of St Mary’s (Sveti Marija), a tiny speck of land that was once home to a monastery, which is now being restored.

Alas, they waited with a half dozen other couples but the 9:00 boat never came, and then a big tour group of Croatian AARPers showed up and they were almost shoved off a boat that came at 9:45.

The walk around St. Mary’s was pleasant but feel short of the hype of being one of the “must sees” on Mjlet. The boat dropped them off in Pristanis where they were supposed to talk the long hike of the day over to Polace, where their hotel was to deliver their luggage before they caught a ferry back to the mainland.

It was well after 11 when they starred out, so they opted for a shorter route that got to Polace in time for a nice lunch at a family run restaurant called Konaba Ankara. There was also a old Roman Palace (left).

After the ferry ride, a driver picked them up to take them into Dubrovnik. At first glance it is all that it’s said to be, just spectacular. The top photo is view from their hotel’s terrace. Sweet, huh…

Hike/easy/1.5 miles
Walk/easy/1 miles
Hike/moderate/2 miles

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Mjlet after dark yields good boat photo…

…at least that’s what we think. The Adventurers walked to the other “arm” of Mjlet harbor for dinner tonight. It was a very pleasant and peaceful sitting on the water’s edge. (Well, except for one loud threesome of British women who seemed to have partied their way to dinner). L loved the light and the boat as they walked back to their hotel…

Walk/easy/1 mile

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