Nice shady hike on a slightly forbidden path

D and the Mag on the little bridge - 1

A few weeks ago, L was out on a solo hike that she did frequently when she was dogless, going up along a canyon to Coal Mine Ridge. The Toyon Trail is supposedly not dog friendly, but she met quite a few canines on that busy Saturday.

D and the Mag on the bench - 1So, given that it was a weekday, the Adventurers decided to hike that trail, along with the Mag. They saw not a sole under the very bottom (actually Alpine Trail) where they encountered a horse and rider.

It was the perfect trail on a warm September day as it’s almost completely shady. The ascended on the Toyon Trail and then looped back on the Coalmine Trail, picking up the Toyon Trail again.

According to the book A History of Portola Valley by Nancy Lund & Pam Gullard, Toyon Trail was built by a group of 100 volunteer led by Herb Dengler, whose name appears at various trail junctions today.

Next time they want to go all the way to Lake Trail…

Hike/easy/4 miles


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Baylands hike on a smokey Labor Day

Smoky Baylands - 1

The Adventurers decided they had two choices today: head out to some semi-distant place for an all-day outing or hike close by and see Crazy Rich Asians in the afternoon.They choose the later and were glad they did.

Pelican and Cormorant at Baylands - 1The wind is now bringing smoke from the fires well north of them, from Oregon up to the Canadian border. The haze limited visibility – the East Bay hills were difficult to make out. But they could see some of the bird life close up, like the big Pelicans than made the Cormorants like smallish.

It was just warm enough the Maggie insisted on a dip in the Bay before they headed to Town and Country for a sandwich purchased as long-time standby Cheese House. They used to go there in high school.

They caught the mid-afternoon showing of Crazy Rich Asians, playing before a packed theater. The agreed with all the hype. It’s a fun, frothy summer movie…

Hike/easy/4 miles

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Goodbye to Wilder and family and hello to the Cal League manager of the year

D, Jill and Wilder_vert - 1

Jill, Tim and Wilder headed out from Menlo Park this morning with the next stop Wilder Ranch before heading south, working their way back to San Diego. The obligatory self-portrait was taken in the Adventurers’ backyard.

Rick, D and Willie Mays - 1For D and L, it was off to San Jose Municipal Stadium to watch the SJ Giants take on the Stockton Ports led by Cal League manager of the year Rick Magnante, who just happens to also be friend Christine’s hubby.

They got to the ballpark early enough for Rick to come out of the dugout and visit a bit. After winning the first half, the Ports are battling for first place in the second half.

Today they made it look easy with two homers but catcher Collin Theroux, a local kid from San Mateo whose mom was sitting a few rows behind the Adventurers and noticed that they were cheering for the Ports, so said hello.

It’s been a busy few weeks. The weekend is going to be a little quieter…

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A visit to Happy Hollow with grandson Wilder and his parents

Jill and Wilder race - 1

The Adventurers took the last of their joint grandchildren, Wilder, to Happy Hollow today, making it officially five for five.

Jill and Wilder fly the dragon - 1Wilder’s parents, Jill and Tim, are on a northern California visit and D and L knew from experience that there’s no place better for a 3 3/4 year old that the cute farm with the kiddie rides.

It was also just the tonic for a kid that had been cooped up in a car for eight hours yesterday. They started off in the zoo in the hollow and if the animals themselves were not captivating, the chance to do some running and skipping and jumping sure hit the spot.

Then they made their way to the crooked house slide, which Wilder thought was great until he found the really big slides in the faux Western play structure with lots of ropes and two really big slides.

That added another 30 minutes or so to the clock before the hit the rides in earnest, including the biggest roller coast that Wilder had experienced, a perfectly sized training wheels of a coast. Plus there were car and bikes to drive and dragons to fly.

All in all a very successful day at Happy Hollow…

Jill measures wingspan - 1

Walk/easy/1.8 miles

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Different kind of Saturday with chef encounter, ending with annual summer BBQ

Mince BBQ - 1

Knowing that they were headed to church on Sunday morning with D then marshaling in the afternoon, the Adventurers headed downtown this morning, not their usual Saturday choice.

communal table and bar at Camper - 1But they had some stuff to buy and L wanted to get photos of the new Camper restaurant which will be opening over Labor Day. And that was their first stop. They peered in the windows and the door swung open and there was Chef Greg Kuzia-Carmel himself.

He’s the biggest chef to hit Menlo Park, well over, with due respects to pioneering chef Jesse Cool, who followed in the Alice Waters tradition. He game them a tour of the remodeled restaurant that was once LB Steak and talked about his casual concept combined with creative dishes. They’ll probably return during the soft opening next weekend.

After stops at Pet Place and Draegers, where L picked up cole slaw for the evening’s annual summer BBQ at Carol and Bill’s, they walked home, thinking how relatively cool it was for August.

The always fun BBQ was just that. Great food and wine selections. But the evening air chased most folks home by 10:00…

Walk/easy/4.6 miles

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Humid morning walk in hilly Pasadena and environs

Tai Chi at Lacy Park_sized - 1

After breakfast in the Club room, the Adventurers exited the Langham Huntington for a what was a very humid walk in Pasadena and San Marino.

D at war memorial at Lacy Park - 1Some of the route traced what L had done years ago when she and Chris would jog before work and do a much longer route on Saturdays. It often took them to Lacy Park in San Marino, and that was one stop today.

There was a lot of activity – walkers, joggers, Tai Chi group. And they stopped to look over the large war memorial that chronicles all the 20th century wars and local participants who lost their lives.

D took over the controls for the walk back and his chosen route took them on narrow streets that not only had L never been on but didn’t know exist.

It’s part of the fun of exploring what’s pretty familiar, but not totally. The number of hills qualified it as a hike…

Hike/easy/3.35 miles

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Catching up with the grand-twins on hot Pasadena summer day

B and Kai with puzzle - 1

wack a mole-kid - 1After breakfast with Marguerite, the Adventurers headed to Pasadena to visit the grand-twin, Lily and Kai, now 4 1/2. They’d last seen them on their 4th birthday in March.

They’d just returned with their parents, Nikki and Matt, for their annual stay at the Lair of the Bear, where they’d enjoyed a good time and clean air (which had been the concern).

Pre-nap activities included puzzle making, bead designing and a new favorite, whack-a-mole, with the kids the mole.

The family re-grouped for dinner before saying good=bye. And catch you in a a few weeks…!

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