Yep, same place, same seats – back where it all started 5 years ago

L and D celebrated their 5th baseball anniversary today, a day early as the Giants don’t play tomorrow at AT&T. Thanks to friend Leslie, who reserves her season ticket seats each year for the Adventurers.

They’d spend the night in the City at the new Hotel Via which is just across from the ball park. Their morning included a great walk along the Embarcadero to the Ferry Building where they had a delicious breakfast at¬†Boulettes Larder. Food was great but service was less so. D acted a bit more like L, e.g. more impatient when his coffee didn’t arrive aft 20 minutes (after the wimpy Espresso at the hotel he was ready for some French press).

It was back to the hotel for a short time before heading over to the yard. Alas (said L) Panda hats where much on display. How quick they came back. Jury is still out if the Panda himself can come back.

A friend took the obligatory 5th anniversary shot. But just for the record, it was actually their sixth game. Really, who do thunk. But they are so happy that they did…

Walk/easy/four miles

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Two (well maybe three) big screens in one night in San Francisco

In advance of their 5th baseball anniversary, L and D headed up to the City today. They decided an overnight at a new hotel by the ballpark (Hotel Via) and a chance to participate in the Wall of Song with fellow Trinity parishioners was the excuse they need to extend their baseball anniversary into a 24-hour event.

They met friends Matthew and Kate at a restaurant that’s been there for along time, Jeanne d”Arc, which somehow L had never heard of, and then headed up the steep hill to Grace Cathedral where fellow Trinity parishioner Mel Day was debuting her Wall of Song.

That meant singing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen along with voices Mel and her collaborator Michael Nanking had recorded and perserved in a video art installation which was shown on a giant 25 foot screen.

They would have thought that this was their only big screen event until they returned to the Via and its downstairs bar, which had the biggest screen they’d every seen in a sports bar.

Of course, that got exceeded when they went to the hotel’s rooftop bar and saw an even bigger screen. Alas, it was an off-and-on-screen due to the fact the hotel has only been opened about a month and there are some kinks that need to be worked out

That didn’t diminish their enjoyment of being “up on the roof”…


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Another kind of Santa Cruz Mountain view, this time from a Woodside ridge

There are gifts in life that you just don’t know you’re getting when it happens. That was the case when Irene Searles appeared on L’s doorstop (not literally) and said she was interested in being a photographer for InMenlo.

At the time, I didn’t know how lucky I was, but I soon found out. I’d been widowed when Irene found me but didn’t know she would join the “widow club” some four years later.

Like L, she got lucky, connected with a man who had also been widowed. Tonight we joined them at David’s beautiful hilltop home in Woodside.

Good views (upper shot by D, edited by Irene) and great desserts by Irene, who was once a pastry chef.

Not to mention all to the good conversation with both adult kids and other guests…

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The 70th birthday celebrations begin with a great party in Santa Cruz Mountains

L had one friend turn 70 in June and today they got to celebrate that milestone with friends who live locally.

Michael, who L has known since high school and who is married to her friend since grade school, Sally, turned 70 a couple of days ago. Son Michael is a more-than-amateur chef and cooked paella, ribs, chicken and salmon all over open flame.

The Adventurers visited with some friends who they knew by association and a couple of were fellow M-A grads.

While it was hot even in the Santa Cruz Mountains, it was a really fabulous party…

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Celebrating Maggie’s birthday on Bastille Day

D became the “pet guardian” of Maggie the Yorkshire Terrier in January of 2012. He was told she was two and a half years old.

Not knowing when her real birthday was, the Adventurers chose Bastille Day, July 14.

So tonight they dined at one of Menlo Park’s French restaurants, Left Bank, that had a special Bastille Day menu and musicians playing great French tunes (which Maggie largely ignored).

D, being the ever diligent “parent,” chose the lamb shank. That meant Maggie went home with a big birthday bone…

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Keeping the summer hiking and music listening going

Today the Adventurers and the Mag went for a hike at a place very familiar to L as she’s there most every Wednesday morning near dawn. Bedwell Bayfront Park, on the city of the old county dump, has enough small hills to get the heart beat up. And there’s also something to see from the top, like the remnants of old salt flats.

Tonight after delicious fried chicken dinner (split, of course) at Menlo Grill, it was off to see Carole King perform Tapestry before 50,00 people in Hyde Park. It was great, and almost like being there…

Hike/easy/3.25 miles

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Secrets revealed on what happens when the moon is full

Some time after D moved back to Menlo Park, the Adventurers started a tradition. On the night of the full moon, they would go to the Village Pub, sit at the bar and have the delicious Pub burger.

They got lucky tonight. While some calendars had the full moon last night, others had it tonight. Given they were busy last night, they seized the opportunity tonight.

It’s a treat to sit at the bar and be entertained by experienced bartenders who know how to do just the right amount of chatting up. The fact that Chris the bartender is Irish has always been a plus.

Tonight they ventured to order a wine from Old McDonald called EIEIO. You can’t make this stuff up. Nor the fact that thick cut fries can be really good if one just right.

How full the moon was they’ll never know as the sun was still high enough in the sky when they left that they captured a shadowy…

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