Heading out on a real hike to Carlon Falls

James and Grace near downed log - 1

D, James and Grace at swimming hole fixed - 1The slightly over three mile hike to Carlon Falls was labeled “easy” with just a short, steep quarter-mile at the end. It’s also considered one of the best swimming holes in the country.

And indeed most of the way was on good surface with a minimum of rocks and roots. The challenge that was not mentioned that there are close to 50 down trees that you need to navigate either over and under.

The kiddos did so nimbly. Both exhibited mountain goat athleticism. L is now far from a mountain goat but she made her way.

L with the log L - 1She did chose not to go down the the swimming hole by the lower falls. D, James and Grace all braved very, very chilly water. They could all say “we did it.”

On the way back, they were almost at the car when Grace spied an “L” made out of logs. Of course L had to pose there…

Hike/moderate/3.8 miles

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Morning jaunt to Hetchy Hetchy Reservoir

James joyful in pool_vert - 1 (1)

Grace climbs rock_vert - 1It was with Booka much on L’s mind that the Adventurers and kiddos drove to Hetch Hetchy Reservoir this morning. It was a very windy road but lightly trafficked.

Parking they walked across the top of O’Shaughnessy Dam and then through a tunnel that took them to the other side of the reservoir. All along the way they looked at the crystal clear water that serves as their draining water in the Bay Area.

The kiddos were good spirited about the short hike, getting to climb on some of the granite ledges. Truth be told, they were happy to be back at the lodge and to the zip line they discovered last night.

But Booka would be proud of his daughter’s efforts…

Hike/easy/1.5 miles

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Heading to the Sierras on Kiddos Summer Adventure 2018

Grace and James arrived last night all packed and ready for the Adventurers’ summer grandkid getaway.

Gracie on ropes_hori - 1

The destination this year is the Evergreen Lodge, which is in the Stanislaus National Forest near the Hetch Hetchy entrance to Yosemite.

Kiddos at Roadhouse_vert - 1On the way they stopped at a diner that both L and D had passed numerous times, the 50s Roadhouse. It was filled with popular entertainers of their long ago childhood, some of whom Gracie had actually heard of. The decor outpaced the food but it was still a fun stop.

Next up was Rainbow Pool, a fabulous watering hole just off Highway 120. Teens were jumping off 15-foot cliff, which the kiddos expressed an interest in doing. The Adventurers were not keen on the idea, although there was some negotiation that on the way home if D jumped first and waited for the kiddos at the bottom.

They arrived at the Lodge to find their room perfectly situated next to the pool, which the kiddos hit with gusto. And just down the hill was rope course.

There was a concert during dinner time and lots of running around. The place is packed with guns…

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Getting out of the restaurant rut by trying Courthouse 2021

fish on skate board - 1

There was a twist in today’s schedule. When D reported to his marshal job at 1:00 pm he was told that a kid’s camp was taking over the course and he wouldn’t be needed. (Yes, it would have been nice to know in advance.) He made a sweep of the course and came home after a couple hours.

Because he often doesn’t get home until 7:30 or 8:00 pm during the summer, the Adventurers had planned separate dinners. Now they could join up, and instead of gong to one of their tried and true regular they headed to Redwood City to try the newish Courthouse 2021.

They liked their high top table that was next to an open window, making them feel out of doors even though they were inside. And the liked the variety of choices on the menu. They started with the restaurant’s signature flatbread; L had whole fish and D the lamb shank. Both excellent. The slight blemish was the server was lovely and pleasant but clearly had little or no training. They’ll be back.

Pictured is L’s whole Branzino. Wow, what a plate…

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On a Mag-free day, it was a return to Edgewood

Edgewood Park Knoll - 1

D and Madrone - 1It was a Maggie grooming day, so the Adventurers hit one of the [many] local parks that don’t allow dogs, Edgewood in Redwood City. (They are baffled why Santa Clara County has many parks where dogs are welcome as do the East Bay Mud District parks. Slimmer pickings in San Mateo Country including most of the Mid-Peninsula Open Space Preserves.)

They were past the wildflower peak that the park is famous for and the once green hills were now solidly brown. But it’s still a good hiking park with alternating open fields and woodland trails. And just enough rollers to make them feel they were getting a good workout.

Along the way, they spotted a couple of deers and dozens and dozens of lizards that would have driven the Mag Dog nuts. Plus one teeny tiny garter snake. It all added up to nice last of spring hike…

Hike/easy-moderate/4 miles

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Getting a paddle in on Lake Chabot

L paddling at Lake Chabot - 1

With temperatures predicted for the 80s, the Adventurers made it a watery adventure today, paddling on Lake Chabot in Castro Valley.

Lake Chabot had been somewhat hiding in plain sight to them until they discovered it on an outing with the kiddos a month or so back. How they had missed it is a bit of a mystery, given that the trails are dog friendly. Maggie tolerates rather than enjoys kayaking, so they left her home today (plus there’s blue green algae bloom that makes the Lake off limits for humans and dogs.)

geese at Lake Chabot - 1

Summer had started at the Lake, but on the water, it was relatively quiet with mainly geese as their companions They explored a couple of coves on the 315 acre lake that were on the other side from where they walked.

It’s a reedy lake in places and they did some exploring to see if they could find where it becomes a stream into Redwood Canyon. They could not.

The only drawback to the day is the long walk from car to put in place and back, but they did it in stages and survived. A perfect way to start warm weather kayaking…

D paddling at Lake Chabot - 1

Paddling/easy/4.2 miles

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It’s all about skate boarding now that the James man is 7

James with skate board instructor - 1The Adventurers headed over to Moraga this afternoon for a BBQ with friends and family to celebrate James’ birthday, which actually was June 2.

They were the elders of the group as son John had gathered together some of the friends he’s worked with over the years. And, of course, Julie, had her two beasties from high school, Julie and Erin. Fun for L to see these folks she’s gotten to know over the past decades. (Could that really be plural?)

James was in his usual outfit of swim trunks and no shoes (at least until he showed off skate board skill learned earlier in the day at his first lesson with Pac at Street Science Skate Shop (thanks John Getze for the great photo because L was at her worse on photos this afternoon).

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