A reminder that walking town and back is non-trivial – but well worth it

d at sayulita sign - 1

The Adventurers said they wanted some activity today and they got it. When they were here two years ago, they’d walked into Sayulia a couple of times by two different routes, scrambling the rock and through the jungle. L did not like the former.

So  it was off through the jungle they went this morning. Well, up through the jungle is a better description as its a steep climb from Playa Escondida which sits on the water up to the roads the take you into Sayulia. The first mile a a steady pull up.

cemetary outside of sayulia - 1

The jungle trail then levels off on packed roadways. They could hear the sounds of the jungle but didn’t spot anything as they made their way along, pass the Playa de los Muertos, aptly named as its adjacent to a good sized – and very colorful – cemetery.

ms iguana - 1Once into town they wandered around a bit looking a shop windows and trying to remember where Mary’s restaurant was, which they found and had a good lunch. On one side street they watched iguana lounging in the trees. ‘

There was a bit more wandering before they headed back, taking one wrong turn which made them back track bit. Then it was the last steep downward push. Ah, their tired legs needed a rest before dinner.

Note: L got walloped at Yatzee once again after dinner…

Hike/5.25 miles/moderate with a few steep pulls

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A return to lovely Playa Escondida

beach at playa escondida - 1 copyLast June, after their rather grueling (but wonderful) trip to South Africa, the Adventurers pondered where they could go in early 2019 that would be relaxing, where they would not have to on the go.

They research some spots, eliminated many of the hot spot Caribbean places as not only does it take a long time to get there, high season equates to high prices. Their no brain was “let’s go back to Playa Escondida” where they’d visited in February 2017.

The resort if outside Sayulia but a world away from that bustling town. It sets in the jungle which descends to the beach. Many casitas, such as theirs, are open air (that can be closed at night. The sound of the surf is loud – making ear plugs a necessity at night.

sunset at playa escondida - 1

They were greeted by owner Diego and server/bar tender extraordinaire Armando, who’s they’d met two years ago, enjoyed a welcome drink which they sorely needed after negotiating Puerto Vallarta airport, which was packed beyond belief – almost an hour to get through customers (including luggage collection and then the half mile back to to end of the line – wow).

After getting settled and a short rest, they headed down to the beach for drink and to watch the sunset. Dinner was on the veranda followed by Yatze in the room.  D had won of his highest score ever – 387. Wow…

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The new trail phenomena continues – this in Woodside with a hidden gem

shadowy in woodside - 1The Mag had a grooming appointment this morning, and while the Adventurers knew about it, they weren’t quite prepared. Nor did they have a “hike without Maggie” planned.

So after dropping her off at Dogz101, they headed to Buck’s for breakfast to plot their course.

They decided to find out where Jane Dr. would take them, maybe under 280 they thought. Whether it does or doesn’t go under 280, they discovered a kind of secret wonderland of open space with a trail dedicated to Helen Sweyer and another (that they didn’t go on) to Joan Olson.

In trying to connect back to Jane Dr., they went down a very, very steep section that was muddy. L needed poles, which she hadn’t brought thinking they’d be on country lanes.

They made it and then wove back down through Woodside Glens, a neighborhood they’d seen signs for but never explored.

They’ll return to this area, the next with The Mag…

Hike/mainly easy with one very tough stretch/4 miles

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Finishing up the visit with breakfast at Buck’s

kiddos at bucks - 1There probably isn’t a better restaurant for grade school age kids anywhere in the Bay Area than Buck’s in Woodside.

Given the rainy conditions – meaning no scootering downtown – the Adventurers and the kiddos headed that way this morning.

They were pretty sure that Grace had been there at one time but unclear if James had. It kind of gets forgotten on Sunday mornings when they’re focused on Borrone and the farmers market.

So much to see. So much to comment on. And well-priced menu with good food. What’s not to like…

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Spoiling the kiddos at Sky High

on trampolines - 1

The kiddos had hardly arrived Thursday evening when they started lobbying to go to Sky  High. No surprise: the Adventurers had not heard of the place.

But it was a rainy day, so off they went to the Santa Clara location. It was on the other side of 101 from where Levi’s Stadium and Great America are located. But it was well surrounded by other amusements like Pump It Up (for little kids, the kiddos proclaimed) and a go-cart place (for another day).

Sky High is all about trampolines but not all the same kind. There are the straight trampolines. But here is also Dodge Ball trampoline and other trampolines that kids jump on and fall into foam cubes.

Then there is the sort of zip line. It didn’t have the speed of the one at Evergreen Lodge. But to get to it, the kiddos had to climb there tall cylinders. Gracie made it to the top on her three tries; James chose to take his flight two posts earlier.

But both Kiddos said it was the best thing today.

The afternoon included quite aka alone time before they reconvened for dinner. And a mean Yatzee competition which L won in the best game she’s ever had.

Now time to watch “Where the Wild Things Are”…

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Enjoying the barnyard animals at Hidden Villa with the kiddos

grace and james with sheep_lead - 1

james holds chicken - 1L had a purpose in taking the kiddos, along with The Mag, to Hidden Villa today. She thinks it would be a great summer camp for James, who really likes animals.

On the drive out to Los Altos Hills, James was adamant that he was not interested. Twenty minutes after being there, he wanted to know when day camp started!

Hidden Villas is tucked in a hollow off of Moody Rd., and it was nippy in the shade. But as long as you kept moving, it was a great day to visit with just a handful of other families.

L and D realized The Mag had never been around farm animals, and she was quite intrigued as were the sheep, in particular, about her. She gave them dutiful sniffs and some nice licks that they didn’t seem to mind.

Pictures tell the story here, so there are plenty…

maggie kisses sheep - 1

grace with pig - 1

Walk/easy/1.5 miles

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Walking West Cliff Drive and stumbling on a new pathway

play equipment for the mag - 1

D had a yearning for his old surfing grounds of Santa Cruz, so the Adventurers headed over the hill this morning.

d and the mag near a natural bridge - 1Given that they were still feeling the effects of being beaten up on the 1st, the idea of a nice flat stroll had a lot of appeal, especially one that had lots to look at both ocean side and home side.

There are numerous mansions West Cliff Drive which has a walking/bicycling path nest to it. And there are the various surfing areas, one near the Dream Inn for beginners and the famous Steamers Lane, with surf that looked to be five and six feet high. Another area was popular with boogie boarders.

The mansions gave way to Lighthouse Field State Beach, which had adjoining land with trails and a very good cafe, where they ate lunch on the return.

They even managed to stumble on a new pathway, the site of an old Santa Cruz streetcar line that is now a designated Bark Park with equipment reserved solely for canines. There are signs warning humans to stay off! Maggie tried out a few but seemed a bit puzzled by the whole concept. Of course, the sniffs of other dogs made up for it.

When they were eating lunch, they could hear multiple languages, assuring that Santa Cruz remains a world-class destination…

guys on rock outcrop - 1

Walk/easy/4 miles

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