Last leg home on the might Airbus A380

Lufthansa A380 - 1

L, in particular, was excited to get a chance to experience the largest aircraft in the sky, the Airbus A380. It’s a double decker behemoth. Even with four engines however does it get off the ground?

They were lucky enough to be in Business class in  the top deck. Nice, all in all. But nothing still tops sitting upstairs on a Boeing 747 as they did from Johannesburg to Frankurt yesterday.

Their layover on this leg was just long enough for another shower and some leg stretching. Hello SFO…

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A visit to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park starts the last day of African adventure

L and D at Victoria Falls - 1

The Adventurers rose before dawn today to begin their homeward journey, boarding first one of the Royal Chundu’s boats and then a van driven by knowledgeable guide Godspel who took them to Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park and its world famous Victoria Falls.

helicoptor ride over Victoria Falls - 1

The saw the Falls first on a fabulous 15-minute helicopter ride over it. They’d been a bit reluctant to take to the air given the expense but it was well worth it, a once in a lifetime experience. It was amazing to see the small island at the tip of the falls where David Livingston became the first European to see one of the wonders of the world.

rainbow at Victoria Falls edge - 1

The Falls are so roaring at this time of the year that it was hard to get a photo without all the mist (if you can call something that pervasive “mist”). Mosi-oa-Tunya means “the smoke that thunders,” a much more fitting name than Victoria (after the queen).

Victoria Falls - 1

Their vist included walking along the Falls edge and getting a bit wet. They’d planned for that with each clothes to change into once they reached Johannesburg and the airline lounge where they could shower.

Boat, van, plane, plane the beginning of their journey home…

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Sunset cruise is part of the routine at Royal Chundu River Lodge

sunset cruise_MS - 1

How could the Adventurers not mention the daily sunset cruises on the mighty Zambezi. And that their room was on stilts with 100-year-high just a foot below the deck. This is a fabulous location with wonderful staff…

Royal Chundu River Lodge_vert - 1

Top photo by Michael Sowerwine (c) 2018

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Getting a taste of the mighty Zambezi on “canoe” rafting adventure

L and D in rubber canoes - 1

The Royal Chundu labeled their trip on the Zambezi River today a canoe trip. The Adventurers and their traveling companions likened it more to mini water water rafting.

picnic breakfast_May1 - 1

Each craft was guided by one of the resort’s able staff. We zipped in an out of mini canyons and rocked and rolled with the waves. Our reward was a fabulous picnic breakfast on an island where the resort’s other property is located. And some time in hammocks!

L&Dinhammocks_May1 - 1

A nice post breakfast walk took across the island and past some amazing and enormous banyan-like trees. It was like being in an enchanted forest.

All that activity mandated a more relaxing afternoon, so in-room massages and coffee exfoliation was in order. The two massueses were marvelous.

Dinner was another highlight, a tasting menu of Zambian food…

Hike/easy/one mile

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Witnessing the Zambezi River at a 100-year high

on the boat to Royal Chundu_April 30+MS - 1

The Adventurers and their traveling companions had gotten a “heads up” that the Zambezi River was at 100-year high and that the roads to their next destination were underwater.

So they took a boat to Royal Chundu, which they thought was near Victoria Falls but was actually a little over an hour from that popular tourist destination.

It has a lovely location on the river which had actually spilled onto the resort, making its pool part of the river itself. Who da thunk…

Zambezi River_Zambia - 1

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Time to move on to Livingston, but not before watching the morning elephants

group heading to plane_April 30+MS - 1

mama elephant and baby_April29 - 1The Adventurers slept in this morning, as did friend Haydi and David, while the younger set went out on one last safari. The cool thing is you don’t need to go far to see wildlife, such as the mother elephant and her calf “cooling it” just below their cabin.

Next stop is Livingston, Zambia and Victoria Falls…

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Watching the elephants walk – and a time-out sleep in

elephant walk_April29 - 1

The Adventurers bailed on an early morning safari this morning but they didn’t feel they missed too much. There was the usual elephant walk across the river. And the babies are oh so cute.

The evening dinner included great entertainment by the staff. It’s been a good stay at Lion Sands Narina…

night time seranade_April29 - 1


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